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About us

Management and organization:

Dr. Gerhard Winkler – CEO (since 1982 experience in international beverage business)

Manpower at Indrinks & Partners is well experienced in the functional beverage business as we have gathered experience in developing, marketing and selling functional beverages for many years. Experience is here also for marketing and selling international non-alcoholic and alcoholic brands from all over the world. Indrinks & Partners has developed several functional beverages which today are successfully sold in many countries.

Indrinks & Partners is a lean structured low overhead operation dedicated not to spend on overheads but to support their brands and our customer’s brands in the market place. Professionalism, cost effectiveness, and supplying high quality products supported by international marketing experience is our credo. We use specialists all the way to the consumer- from sourcing raw materials, through production and logistics, to distribution to the market.

Areas of business:

Indrinks & Partners is an Austrian based but internationally operating company working in the business of functional foods and beverages. We are developing and formulating products in these categories; we are doing this for our own brands as well as for customer own brands. And we are developing brands for customers with their very specific needs and for different international markets.

Indrinks & Partners own brands:


Private labels drinks:


Health drinks:


Advertising and Promotional products:

On special request and special occasions we manufacturer drinks as promotional items, give-aways for trade shows, and advertising items for branded companies.

Developing formulations and sourcing functional ingredients:

In Austria

Manufacturing in:

Austria – Malaysia – China – South Korea - USA

Indrinks & Partners is using co packing partners in these countries. Therefore we have extensive experience in all areas of international beverage production and shipping logistics of our and our customers’ products.

Indrinks & Partners cooperates with internationally reputable companies and food technologists. All products are developed here in Austria using internal resources as well as external experts. Highest levels of quality are demanded from all partners involved. Supply of raw materials for production as well as production of our products itself are done through experienced international companies, supervised regularly by Indrinks & Partners managers.

Our customers are our most valuable assets. Indrinks & Partners’ experience in product development and beverage marketing, together with the valuable knowledge of our partners about local beverage distribution and sales experience in their markets makes us all together a WINNING TEAM.


Established 22.5.2001

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